A Sanitiser That's Eco-Friendly and Kills Better Than Any Other Product


Made in New Zealand, DX50® is stabilised Chlorine Dioxide (ClO₂), chemically engineered to kill 2.46x better than Chlorine whilst being environmentally friendly. A wide range of industries now have a safer, more effective sanitising alternative

WATER TREATMENT: DX50® Water Treatment is a Chlorine Dioxide sanitiser commonly used in the disinfection of municipal drinking water and food products. DX50® Water Treatment inactivates bacteria, spores, fungi, moulds, biofilms, and viruses such as Salmonella, E-coli, Listeria and Cholera – even at low concentrations and over a wide pH range. DX50® Chlorine Dioxide also breaks down biofilm.

Check out a case study using DX50® Water Treatment.

BREWERIES: DX50 Chlorine Dioxide Sanitiser provides superior solution for the brewing industry. Most common applications include Cleaning-in-place (CIP) of tanks and lines, general sanitation of the environment, bottle and caps sanitation, water treatment and more.

POULTRY INDUSTRY: Chlorine Dioxide  is a safe, versatile, antiviral Water Treatment that is suitable for a number of poultry applications.  Traditional Water Treatment permit an evolution of resistance, allow the establishment of biofilms in watering systems, and provide poor performance at pH & temperature extremes. DX50® is scientifically more intelligent solution that kills a wider range viruses, fungi, and mould, within a wider range of conditions, and is not able to be resisted.

FISHING INDUSTRY: Chlorine Dioxide was originally created for the fishing industry as a way to resist the spoilage process to enable longer periods of fishing. Ice made from liquefied Chlorine Dioxide is able to kill the pathogens that cause decay = prolongs freshness.

HORTICULTURE: Chlorine Dioxide Fungicide in solution acts by penetrating the cell wall of the target organism and disrupting its food supply. It is accelerated in the presence of bacteria or organics which consist of sugar-like compounds and is effective over a wide pH range (2-11). Due to this mode of action, disease bearing organisms do not build up resistance to the product.  The disinfection by-products are Chloride and Chlorite = no withholding period with the product.

MEAT WORKS: In the meat industry, the economic importance of sanitising operations in controlling food-spoilage organisms has been found to be so great, the primary objective in cleaning is not the destruction of infectious agents (although crucial), but a reduction of the number of microorganisms which might contaminate the product, leading to spoilage. DX50®'s pathogenic kill-range under a wide pH conditions at low concentrations makes it perfect for the meat industry. This is especially true when considering the non-corrosive nature of Chlorine Dioxide

VITICULTURE: Chlorine Dioxide is the ideal Fungicide for grape harvesting and wine production. It controls both fungal and bacterial diseases and is not subject to bacterial or fungal resistance. More than that, Chlorine Dioxide is able to breakdown the bio-film that shields pathogens from standard sanitisers. And because Chlorine Dioxide is non-corrosive, it is also suitable for sanitising production equipment.

DAIRY FARMS: The way farmers typically destroy dangerous microorganisms is with chlorine. However, standard chlorine doesn’t differentiate between bad bacteria and good bacteria. It is a blind bomb that kills by burning everything it touches. That's a problem: the entire farming system relies on good bacteria: for soil fertility, grass growth, animal digestion, and effluent pond liquefaction.  The solution: DX50® Chlorine Dioxide, a superior Dairy Sanitiser that kills 2.46x better than Chlorine but only kills the bad guys.

*DX50® Chlorine Dioxide works most effectively in cold water.


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